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In 2015, 95% of Australian students did not have access to STEAM Education. That's to say that our education system does not provide a suitable solution to STEAM as a whole. You learn maths, and science and design in separate classes. TinkerTank see those things as one whole subject - STEAM!

Why arts? The world revolves around design! Apple isn't what it is without amazing designers. Being able to combine those skills is what we teach at TinkerTank. It's real-world job readiness. Plus it's fun!

TinkerTank wants to provide more access to STEAM through our Maker-Spaces. Our first location is in Manly - but as we grow, more TinkerTanks will spring up!

Australia's first makerspace for students, children and teens.

Welcome to TinkerTank - where we're turning education on its head. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) is what we do and project based learning is how we do it.

Percent of New jobs requiring STEAM Skills in 2015


A Space for Everyone.

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Meet Cooper.

Cooper is a TinkerTank star! He's been with us since the beginning - each week he grows and learns more about the world around him. We work with Cooper and give him a bespoke education that is fun and challenging.

Our staff at TinkerTank LOVE Cooper, he keeps on coming back and he keeps wowing us with his energy and intuition. Cooper even became part of our first every robotics team. Check out a video of Cooper in TinkerTank's early days.