Project Based Learning

Learn through doing at TinkerTank - all of our lessons and classes are about learning with projects and exploring what we're interested in. It Works. Really.


TinkerTank is Australia's first Maker-Space for everyone, ages 5+. We're all about teaching STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. 

We're a little different from your usual club-house, we teach Robotics, Coding and Design to everyone. We have after-school, holiday, week-ends and home-educator time slots available every week, where you can come in, learn, create, collaborate and construct.

We're for everyone - we're bringing education on demand to the Northern Beaches and Australia.

Education on Demand

At TinkerTank we don't break our time-slots down into class type or age - we do it by person. When you come to TinkerTank as a member, we spend the first few weeks letting you experience a bit of everything. After a few weeks we'll create a playlist of activities that will guide your learning over the following weeks, months, or years!

You get complete control over what you learn, and track your progress as you go. Take photos, share videos and build your portfolio of experiences.

It's time for something different - it's time to Create. Collaborate. And Construct. At TinkerTank.


Don't just read about it.

Come for a tour any Saturday from 10am - 1pm. 

Why TinkerTank? Why STEAM?

STEAM is the combination of many educational disciplines. STEAM is the future of education... and work! Whilst this sounds great, there's a problem: Schools, communities and governments are struggling to provide a solution for everyone.

This is whereTinkerTank fits in - we make learning engaging, fun and effective by using Project-based learning as the corner stone of teaching. Without applying learning, you will struggle to get anyone, young or old to retain it. Simply put - we make learning fun.

STEAM skills are required in 75% of new jobs today - that number is only going to increase - it's time to #futureproof at TinkerTank.

What else do we do?

At TinkerTank we have a bunch of things to do during your home school, after school, or holiday schedule. On top of our regular memberships and holiday camps - TinkerTank has a range of things to do:

  • Corpoate Workshops
  • Birthday Parties
  • Studio Hire
  • Internships and Work Experience

For pricing and more information, get in contact.

Play. It’s one of the, if not THE, most effective forms of learning.
— Julija McDowell, Founder