5 Awesome Robots that you could make one-day!

Robotics kicks butt! Being able to create something with your bare hands that will do whatever you say - it's a huge amount of power you can wield... wouldn't it be a good idea to start learning now?

Let's check out some of the coolest Robotics projects we could find:

Number 5

The Rubik's Cube Solver
Solving a Rubik's cube is a simple process, once you know how to do it. Machine are super quick thinkers - and a regular solution like this is a small challenge for these robots. 

I think the coolest thing is that the robot is made of LEGO! The same kind we use at TinkerTank. 


Number 4

This creation might not make you particularly better at anything -  but I'm pretty certain everyone at some stage wished their couch would just take them somewhere. Walking was so 20th century...

The Robo-Couch was made by Australian university students and was even in a music video. Check it!
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/62qj1Hw3KZI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Number 3

Infuriating Trick robots
This one is a fun project that anyone with a LEGO MindStorms kit can do at home. There's a lot of clever design and programming in this little bot and whilst you think you might win - it turns our robots had a lot more patience than you think...

Number 2

FIRST Robotics Competition
Building big robots that do awesome stuff is not just for adults - it's for students, too! High-school students around the world can take part in this competition and build epic robotics with the help of companies like NASA, Microsoft and Google. In Australia, Macquarie University can help you get direct entry into Engineering if you take part in the competition. 

Check out one of the coolest robots from this years competition:


Number 1

Self-Driving Cars!
Yep, I'm not kidding you. A self driving car is an epic robot - in-fact it's probably going to be the biggest innovation the world have ever seen. Imagine never having to drive again! You could ride through the night whilst you sleep. Never worry about finding a park or losing the car!

A self-driving car is a master-piece of robotics. It has taken years of massive teams working together to get to the point we're at today. But yes, you - dear reader - are more than capable of being a part of the self-driving future. It helps if you start young - learning about all the things you saw above. Just remember, you too can be creating the future with robots!

Where do you start learning about this stuff? At TinkerTank, of course!