Eric the Entrepreneur

Innovation and entrepreneurship is the future and the #ideasboom is happening right here in TinkerTank.

Our own inventor and member, Erik, has been testing and designing his own fidget toy on our 3D printers before he learns to scale production and take advantage of economies of scale.

Erik identified a market - a group of kids in his class - that would love to buy some of the awesome fidget toys you might have seen online recently. 'They're too expensive!' thought Erik - so, as all innovators do, he decided he can fix it.

After testing with our PLA 3D printers, Erik just created his latest prototype on our FormLabs resin printer - moving closer to a model he'd be happy to sell and put into production on our soon-to-arrive laser cutter!

Developing this kind of thinking and facilitating this process is what we're all about. This is exactly what our design courses are teaching.