Don't be afraid. This STEAM doesn't burn.

Hey There! 

It’s me, you’re loveable ol’ pal James from TinkerTank. I’ve met many of you, and hope to meet many more of you in the future. 

I want to talk to you about STEAM. No, not the kind you use on your carpets to get the red-wine stains out. Or the kind that makes it impossible to see out your glasses when you open the oven...

TinkerTank is all about STEAM, which actually stands for Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. and Mathematics. Being all about STEAM means we want to prepare your kids... and heck - even you - for the future of the workforce and society. 

Our workshops, our facility and soon, our app, will be the place to help you build the robots of the future, not be replaced by them. You can learn much more than robotics though - learn to create videos for YouTube, or make an animation, code, 3D print and design video games - learn it all at TinkerTank.

Skills like coding will be essential to jobs - and coding will likely be the next blue collar job. Robotics will be a hotly contested work area as companies compete on the best way to automate other work places. Creative industries will be attempting to use novel and creative ways through technology to communicate a message or advertisement. Video content producers will be everywhere - now everyone has access to a platform as large as any television conglomerate. 

Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared. Be motivated and be prepared. TinkerTank is here to help - you can do courses that teach you certain skills over a term or the holidays, or you can become a member and use the space as you desire - getting direction from our staff and turning your ideas into reality. These experiences are fun, self-driven and totally open-ended. At TinkerTank no idea is too ambitious, no goal is out of the question... don’t believe me? Become a member today and try me*. [Book here](

Memberships are ages 8+ (so no, you’re not too old!)



***If you want to make a real-world dragon... we might have reservations about that. But if you have a product, a real-world solution or a personal goal that you’re not quite sure you have the skills to make happen, then try TinkerTank - there’s no better place to try and make ideas reality.**