Creators gonna create...

Our Tinkering Tinkerers at TinkerTank (how's that for some Tuesday arvo alliteration?) have been working hard since the beginning, creating a series of videos, stop motion animations, comic strips and graphics designs. I was taking a look at the TinkerTank YouTube channel and found some gems that I think are worth sharing! 

So, here we go... Welcome to 'James Reviews': TinkerTank animations


'Nameless' - As in, it doesn't have a name...

First up... we have... well, this one doesn't actually have a name, but it's sure worth the watch. 

This is one of TinkerTanks only successful human stop-motion animations... so there's already points for that. Content is sadly more violent than we'd like... we'd certainly struggle to give is a G rating. Well executed animation, camera work is on point, too. Impressive that it was all captured with just one camera! All in all, James is impressed. I'm fairly sure the pinnacle of my animation days were back in year 4 - I discovered the magic of PowerPoint animation - 1000 slides of my time I'll never get back...

James Reviews rating: 9/10 - Less sad would be appreciated - where's the love?


Weird Story, Part 2!

Living up to its name is certainly important - Weird Story is certainly all it promises... 

There's a person somewhere on this planet that knows where part 1 of this story lives. That person is not me, nor anyone I know... Still! I'm sure that Part 1 gives its sequel the context it deserves. If fact, assuming that Part 1, an unknown but timeless gem, provides some kind of storyline, we must simply judge the animation by its production value alone.

Both the models and the characters here are impressive - making anything symmetrical is hard - so creating a spaceship that is symmetrical is worth a good review in and of itself. But the sheer quality of the cast, and the marriage of audio and video just won this reviewer over.

James Reviews rating: 9.5/10 - Part 1... hello? Part 1, can you hear me???


Mount Cabinet - Adventure through cabinets and Jam Jars.

Rounding out the trio of animation reviews comes this Gem - Mount Cabinet. The superb and lifelike characters are captured in a smooth and impressive way. The camera angles, audio and story line really keep you on the edge - you find yourself drawn into the story and unable to pause it. Smell burning? Who cares - you're watching 'Mount Cabinet' - let it burn! 

If this reviewer had to offer a criticism, it's that the video falls slightly short of feature film length - and is really missing out on those Blockbuster $$$. 

James Reviews rating: 9.89/10 - Hollywood, here we come!



In all seriousness, we love the creative ideas and stories that come out of TinkerTank - and as our student learn and grow, we'll see these animations get better - who knows - maybe the next Walt Disney will start their journey at TinkerTank? 

We'd love to see more creative animations and graphic artists and TinkerTank - why not try it out?