School Holidays

The school holidays are always a struggle to make the most of - between work and computer games, giving something constructive and fun to do can be a real challenge!

TinkerTank offers the complete holiday experience. Choose how many days you'd like and simply book! We'll give our student a range of experiences like Robotics, coding, 3D printing, animation, video production and more.

These experiences are not only educational, but so much fun! Everything we do is project-based, meaning less talking, more action.

Our equipment is world-class and we pride ourselves on providing amazing experiences. As we grow and build off feedback - we'll continue to update our offerings and make changes. Check this page for updates.

Summer Holidays LIVE Now!

  • Dates: 16th December - 30th January

Cost: $120/Day OR $500/Week

What To Bring:

  • Lunch and Morning Tea
  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes
  • A Smile - this is a must!

Start and End Time:

  • Drop off at 8:45AM - 9:15AM
  • Pick up at 2:45PM - 3:15PM



    Get your Tech on!

    Holidays are always difficult to organise. Not at Tinkertank.


    At TinkerTank, our holiday camps are broken into two parts - Morning and afternoon. We'll start with Coding/Robotics or Design and then switch half way through the day. That way everyone gets a chance to try a bit of everything.

    Everyday, the activities will be different and chance. That way you can keep coming back for more and never be bored!

    Please Note:

    • We love having fun! But we do want to make sure our equipment is there for groups in the years to come. Please help us in making sure everyone understand that TinkerTank is a place of respect and we must care for the equipment.
    • Fun is the aim of the game - we will do a series of challenges or tasks in groups - this means sharing computers, robots or other equipment.
    • We do ask that parents kiss, drop and go for the day - you're welcome to pop by during the day, but we find hanging around all day means students gets distracted easily.
    • We're just an email or a call away, if you need to get in contact, you can use the info at the top of the website.