TinkerTank Parties

Ready your robots, prepare for battle... and music, cake, and friends! TinkerTank birthday parties are an awesome way to play with LEGO, learn about robotics and have a friendly robo-battle competition. With two rooms, one for all the food, cake and parents; and another room for all the LEGO building and battle action - both parents and children have an awesome time. Contact us directly to book a TinkerTank party. 

Duration: Saturdays 2 hours + 30 minutes setup (12:30 - 3:00)

Capacity: 20 Children

Cost: $380 +$38/head over 10 children (+GST)

STEAM Education Consultation

Working through the nuances of STEAM Education is a struggle for schools, families, businesses and life-long learners. Our staff at TinkerTank have been teaching STEAM and working in the field for a combined 20+ years. This experience helps us steer people in the right direction.

Parents, this is for you too! If you're at home, struggling to find pathways that work for your child, TinkerTank can help create a plan that will work for them. Schedule a meeting with one of our staff below. Prices from $100/hour.

Studio Hire

Need more space? Want a really cool room to meet in? Got a club that meets once a month, or just want a place to work in the heart of Manly? TinkerTank has an awesome meeting space with a large table big enough for up to 20 people. We've got WiFi, a coffee machine, cold water, air-conditioning and a large screen television for presentations. Prices from $45/hour.

Corporate Workshops

Challenge your team in all the right ways! TinkerTank's corporate workshops can be done at our facility in the heart of Manly, or at your office. Our workshops focus on a friendly competition, building LEGO robots to accomplish a series of tasks. Work in teams to solve a complex problem and share the the success of your creations.

Climb ropes, cross zip-lines, launch tyres, and battle - create a successful team environment and build bonds between your co-workers. Have a fun challenge and break-up your work-week. Prices from $30/head per hour.