Manly Impossible to get to after school?

Panic no more! TinkerTank has the bussing solution for you - our mentors pop on the bus, head to your school and pickup students, bringing them safely to TinkerTank for a 3:30 - 5:00pm session.

So far TinkerTank services the following schools*:

  • Manly Village Public School (we actually walk to this one...)
  • Seaforth Public School
  • Farmhouse Montessori School, North Head
  • Harbord Public School
  • St Johns Baptist, Freshwater
  • Manly West Public School

If you're looking to book, go here:

If you're looking at getting your school on-board, here's what you need to do:

  1. Contact TinkerTank and let us know you'd like to get a school on-board - we might already be working on it!
  2. Speak to your children's friends and to the school community - drum up interest (we can help with some marketing material).
  3. Get at least 3 people ready to join. We'll make the booking service live.
  4. Start booking! Easy.

*These schools are not officially involved with this process. Any questions related to these services can be directed to TinkerTank. Just click the red button on the lower-right corner, we can help you there.

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