High School Robotics Team

It's official! TinkerTank is starting a high-school robotics team for everyone!

This marks the first high-school robotics team on the Northern Beaches - and we're super excited!

Here's a quick video to summarise how epic this competition is:


That.... that was a robot build by one of the US teams - all high school students! They also happen to be sponsored by NASA... and Google... and like the most awesome companies on Earth.

We want a team to do just this; and in-fact, we're well on our way to doing that... We just need students!

Here's the deal: we're going to meet every Wednesday evening from 6-9pm and build a robot, just like the one above... maybe not quite as cool... yet! No prior experience needed, you just need to be between the ages of 13 and 18.

We're also aiming for 50% girls! So, ladies, we need you!

Roles on the team include:

  • Mechanical build of the robot
  • Electronics
  • Coding and Software
  • Video Editing
  • Business Management (fundraising and working with our sponsors)
  • Community Outreach

It's a no brainer - it's time to build a kick-ass robot at TinkerTank, as a team!

You can join the team by going here and selecting the FIRST Robotics Competition Team option.

If you need more convincing - here's what the world champs looks like (skip to 1:36 for the coolest bit):


FIRST Robotics Competition is the worlds largest robotics competition and has over 4000 teams globally. Australia is leading the way in STEAM Education, and FIRST is in over 5% of school nationally. TinkerTank is bringing this experience is all high-schoolers in the Northern Beaches.

Benefits of FIRST Robotics Competition:

  • Preferred entry into universities based off the experience from the program.
  • Possibility of guaranteed entry into Macquarie University Engineering regardless of ATAR
  • A safe, friendly environment for all kids - FIRST's mantra is gracious professionalism - there will be no bullying or unwanted behaviour - this is for everyone.
  • FIRST in Australia has nearly 50% female participation - we want to continue this legacy and ensure women are included.
  • IT'S FUN!